Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I need to practice at home? +

Not much. We recommend a yoga mat but if you do not have a yoga mat most carpets will usually be ok for most people. For the most part that’s all you really need. You can also have on hand yoga blocks, yoga blanket, and a yoga strap, Though they are not always needed, and we don’t recommend you buy them until you know you are going to do yoga on a regular basis. They can easily be substituted with household items. Yoga blocks - a stack of books Yoga blanket - towel or a small blanket Yoga strap - belt

How do I join a live class? +

Once you reserve your spot in a class you will receive an email with your username and password on the morning of the class. If you book your class on the same day as the class then you will receive the email shortly after booking. In the email, there will also be a link to, which is where all of the live classes take place. Once you click on the link, simply input your name and password and you’re all set to have some fun.

Can I arrive late to class? +

Just like a regular studio we recommend that you join the class early, 5 minutes early would be perfect. But yes you can join the class late, however, you have to reserve your spot at least 5 minutes prior to the class scheduled start time. What does that mean? It means that if you have already reserved your spot (at least 5 minutes prior the start of the class) then you join the class whenever you like. But like we said above, we recommend 5 minutes early.

Do I have to download anything? +

Nope, not a thing. Everything is done through your internet browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Do I need my camera turned on? +

No you do not, although we recommend it that you do so you can get the full feel of a yoga studio. But if you will enjoy the class more without the being observed by a yoga instructor then you do not have to give the browser permission to access your camera. You can also simply close the pop-up feed between you and the support instructor.

Will I be recorded if I participate in live class? +

Not at all. Whether your camera is on or off, the only person that is recorded is the main instructor.

Can I gift a class to someone? +

Yes, you can! You can buy gift cards by clicking here. For your convenience, the gift cards can be emailed directly to recipient.