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Jollity Online Yoga Studio is exactly that. We are a yoga studio for the people that want to attend a studio but can’t; maybe because of the time comment, or its too expensive, or maybe just because it too intimidating.

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JollityOYS offers live and interactive online yoga classes. Our clients can choose to enable their cameras and have a certified yoga instructor observe them and give them real-time feedback/corrections, Just as if they were in a traditional yoga studio.


We believe everyone deserves to be happy and that is our ultimate goal. We want to help people live happier lives. We know a regular yoga practice helps people achieve higher levels of happiness. With our online yoga studio we can help more people have regular access to quality yoga instruction. We are focused on achieving:

  • A similar experience to a traditional yoga studio.

  • Lots of value for your money.

  • Save our clients from sitting in traffic and any of the other preparations that it takes to get ready to attend class a traditional yoga studio.

  • Give people access to yoga that may feel uncomfortable attending traditional yoga studios.

  • And… Helping people to live happier lives.


We Help People With The Following Problems

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Uncomfortable With Yoga Studios

Yoga studios can be intimidating. What to wear? Are people watching me? Is everyone more advanced them me?

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Yoga studios are expensive. $15-$25 A class or $150-$250 a month. Jollity Online Yoga Studio offers classes for just $10 and just $1 for your first class.

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Wake up, shower, get dressed, put on makeup, drive to yoga class, get coffee, sit in traffic attend class, do it all in reverse. We found that this adds, on average, 105 minutes to your day.

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Prefer Yoga In the Comfort of home

For some, yoga is more comfortable in the privacy of their homes. It’s also a lot more convenient.


Our Name

It’s easy to see where the “Online Yoga Studio” part of our name came from. Most people want to know how did the word “Jollity” come in to the mix. We wanted to accomplish 4 things with our name.

  1. Let people know who we are and what the company does.

  2. If the name was shortened to an acronym make it easy to remember.

  3. Be fun and different.

  4. Most importantly, really stand for what’s important to us.

We had the Online Yoga Studio as a starting point and that gave us an acronym of “OYS.” We then went through the every letter of the alphabet and put it in front of OYS to see if there were any words that could be made. There are a few like toys and boys but we really loved JOYS and goes perfectly with our vision. Now that we had the letter “J” in mind we searched high low for the perfect match to our yoga studio. We looked at several languages, including Sanskrit. We stumbled across the word Jollity and knew right away this was our name. Jollity means the state or feeling of being HAPPY. It perfectly aligned with what we are trying to spread in the world, Happiness.



Woody Poole and Woody From Toy Story

I’m Woody, the husband of an amazing woman, the father of 3 beautiful girls, and the founder and CEO of Jollity Online Yoga Studio. After serving in the Navy for about 10 years I opened up a small franchise sign business. The high stress that most small business owners go through led me to meditation. I loved meditation and what it did for me and wanted more. With me wanting more mindfulness and not having a regular fitness routine after leaving the Navy, yoga seemed like the perfect next step. But I didn’t have time to go to a yoga studio, did I mention I was a small business owner. I wanted to practice at home to save time and money but I wanted the same quality yoga instruction that you would receive in a studio. I wanted corrections and feedback. With all of the technology advances I knew what I wanted was just a quick Google search away. But there was nothing. So I bit the bullet and traveled 25 minutes to a yoga studio and practiced at home with no feedback. Then one day, as if God spoke to me, I decided I would bring my vision into fruition and help others get access to quality yoga instruction without having to go to a studio.


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We're based in Charleston, SC and love to hear from users, potential partners, and the press. We are also always looking for instructors in the Charleston area as well as around the country. Check out our Contact Us page to learn more about how to reach us.


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